Taking The Used Out Of Antifreeze/Coolant Since 1995
Customer Reviews
  • On-Site Antifreeze Recycling has maintained the leading edge in working with antifreeze and it is our single focus and commitment. Developing and growing our company and knowing we are part of preserving our planets natural resources is very rewarding.
  • Hendry County has been using On-Site antifreeze recycling for over 10-years! All our school buses have been maintained using Gly-Cool coolant/antifreeze and are in excellent condition. I can highly recommend them to any fleet service provider.
    Hendry Co School Bus Barn: Jeff
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  • It's great to have a wonderful facility like this in Lee County It's a terrific solution and you can't have it any better
    Erich Solid Waste Coordinator Lee County
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  • On-Site Antifreeze Recycling is a very smart and clean operation! We are excited to see this place.
    William Operations Manager Lee Co Solid Waste Division
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  • On-Site has been servicing our antifreeze for over ten years as a grower of food we understand the environmental importance .Gly-Cool meets all of our needs for on road and off road equipment with great service.
    Mike Gorski Gargiulos Inc
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did you know

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act

Federal Law prohibits any vehicle manufacturer from making you buy it's parts to preserve the warranty.

The only exceptions are:

1. If the manufacturer give you the parts for free.

2. If the Federal Trade Commission has published a notice that the manufacturer's parts are required.

If a new car dealer tells you using recycled antifreeze will void your warranty, insist he puts it in writing and that he gives you the new antifreeze for free.

Those are your rights as guaranteed by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act

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Save money and save resources!

"Recycling Antifreeze is a smart move, both environmentally and economically."

On-Site Antifreeze Recycling produces a virgin quality, vacuum distilled, precision blended Gly-Cool™ Coolant/Antifreeze.  We will deliver to you with the highest level of personal prompt service, and do it at a competitive price!

  • We use a powerful re-distillation method that enables  us to completely restore used antifreeze to it's original glycol condition. Glycol is a renewable resource. It is the additives that wear out and need to be removed.

  • Our service is unmatched and performed within 24 hours of your call! We offer professional technical support for your business or fleet operation.

  • Green, Red, Gold, Orange or Blue Gly-Cool™ Coolants are blended with the latest in antifreeze chemistry.

  • HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology), and Conventional Green are On-Site Antifreeze Recycling best sellers! Whatever your needs are, Gly-Cool™ Antifreeze/Coolants will meet it. We produce several other antifreeze formulations for any application.

  • By the gallon, by the drum or into your large storage containers.... On-Site Antifreeze Recycling has the best solution!

    On-Site Antifreeze Recycling can:

  • Save you a ton of money on your antifreeze bills! Ask us how!
  • Eliminate your used antifreeze disposal costs with our full service setup.
  • Keep you  legal with environmental inspections.
  • Help preserve and protect our planet earth.